Category: Nonformality

  • What do you teach?

    Over at fabulous infed I stumbled over a text that was first given as an address to the Commission of Professors of Adult Education AAACE at a conference in Milwaukee in November 2006 and has been re-produced as an infed-piece on adult education. Part of the «talking-point» article previously known as the address is a…

  • Mapping dialogue

    A closer look at transformative dialogue tools and processes for social change

  • La phase test du Portfolio européen

    Un outil ambitieux nous arrive afin d’être très sérieusement testé. Soyez prêts à vous salir les mains et à vous creuser la cervelle!

  • European Portfolio Test Run

    An ambitious tool goes out to the field for some serious testing. Get your fingers dirty and your brains spinning!

  • Pick two – or go freelance

    We’ve all heard it before: Pick two: good, fast, or cheap.

  • Gastrulation re-lived

    It is quite stunning to observe meetings of education professionals. There seems to be a kind of unwritten “law of convenient ignorance” on the basis of which every attendant pushes aside what they know about the successful facilitation of meetings – including myself. It begins with the preparation and the documents produced for that purpose.…