Looking for maps about Europe? Look no further!

This collection of maps was created for a series of training courses on European Citizenship, initiated by the Youth Partnership in 2001 and – since 2007 – carried forward by Salto. Currently we use a varying collection of 20-30 maps as an introduction to a session about Europe and European identity. If you’d like to get an impression from a recent course, here is a movie-slideshow in Quicktime format (playable on Mac and PC) and with the impressive size of 41 MB.

Feel free to use the collection for any other educational and noncommercial purpose as you see fit. This is our license, but please do respect the original copyright of each map – if you want to use a specific map, simply follow the link to the source provided with each map and check the copyright to make sure your intented use is ok.

If you find another cool map, let us know. // Thanks, and enjoy!


Generic maps of Europe

European countries today + Europe from a satellite + Physical geography of Europe + Europe on the globe + Biogeographical regions of Europe + UN subregions of Europe + Political development of Europe 1957-2007 + Population of Europe + Population growth of Europe + Population Density in Europe + HIV cases in Europe + GDP in Europe + Trade between different parts of Europe + Digital opportunities and gaps + Legal age to drink alcohol + Age of sexual consent

Europe and the world

The milky way galaxy + The world from Apollo 13 + Europe from space + Europe from a satellite + Robinson projection + Gall-Peters projection + Mercator projection + Universal corrective map + The world upside down + Waterman projection + A world map of 1689 + The world according to size of land + The world according to population + Origins of refugees + Worldwide diery exports + Worldwide alcohol and cigarette exports + Worldwide medical exports + Long-term unemployment in the world + Youth literacy in the world

Ancient maps of Europe

Classic neandertal fossils in Europe + Megalithic cultures in Europe + European late Neolithic + Europe around 220 BC + The Roman Empire + Europe around 526 + Europe in 814 + Europe around 1000 AD + Europe and the Mediterranean in 1097

Old maps of Europe

Europe in 1190 + Europe in 1360 + Europe in the 1400s + Europe in 1490 + Europe around 1550 + Europe in 1560 + Europe in 1648 + Europe in 1695 + europe in 1740 + Europe in 1786 + Europe in 1815 + Europe in 1911

Language, culture and ethnicity in Europe

European cultures around 1200 BC + Romance languages in Europe 200 AD + Races in Europe in 1916 + Racial map of Europe from 1923 + Core and periphery of Europe + Europe’s North-South Divides + Formal culture regions of Europe + Ethnic composition in Bosnia Herzegovina in 1991 + Ethnic composition in Bosnia Herzegovina in 2005 + Ethnolinguistic groups in the Caucasus + Slavic languages in Europe + Languages of Europe + European languages + How blond is Europe? + How fair-eyed is Europe?

Religion in Europe

Religions in Europe around 1618 + Religions in Europe around 1900 + Religions in Europe today + Europeans believing in God + Europeans believing in spiritual force + Europeans not believing in God or spiritual force

Emigration, migration and refugees in Europe

Neolithic expansion + Indo-European expansion + Bronze culture expansion + Expansion of the Nordics + Expansion of the Teutons + Expansion of Germanic tribes + Migrations 200-500 AD + Voyages of the Vikings + Expansion of the Vikings + Impact of urban migration + Death toll among refugees + Current discourses on migration + Migration in a global context

Europe and the environment

Europe by night + Current and future water problems + Major technological accidents + River floodings + Natural disasters + Forest fires + Major storms + Footprint of transportation + Shared bikes + Europe’s climate in 2071

Funny and weird maps of Europe

Europe as a clover-leaf + Europe as a queen + Europe as another queen + Europa and the bull + Europa and Zeus + Europe from Moscow in 1952 + The reshaped view of Europe + Europe drawn from memory + Europe drawn from another memory + Europe drawn from yet another memory + A belgocentric map of Europe + Eurovision Song Contest Mapping + Middle Earth in Europe

Conflicts and wars in Europe

Crusades around 1000 + Crusades around 1200 + Invasions of the Roman Empire + The Ottoman Empire + The 30 Years’ War + Revolutions in Europe + Colonialism of Europe + Europe before WW I + Europe after WW I + Europe 1941-1942 + Europe 1943-1945 + Concentration camps during WW II + Europe if the Nazis had won + Cold war military alliances + Cold war economic alliances + The wars in former Yugoslavia + The wars in Chechnya + The conflicts in Georgia + The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict + The Transnistria-Gagauzia conflicts + Europe in Afghanistan + Europe in Iraq


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