Tag: Research

  • What’s happening in e-learning?

    What makes e-learning in non-formal education good, great, spectacular, impactful & powerful?

  • Podcast: The role of research

    First of all a big thank you to all of you out there for bombarding us with phone calls and emails expressing gratitude for the podcast with Gavan. Sometimes we wonder though why we have the comments function enabled here, if — in the end — our email inbox explodes instead anyway. But anyhow! Commmunication…

  • Podcast: Situating Diversity

    Dear friends, take Nonformality, Youth Debate, Research Seminars, 130 applications, 30 participants, excellent speakers and interesting topics and spice this mixture up with a geek, a microphone and a macbook. Throw it all into a large-enough pot and stir well. What do you get? Exactly. Welcome to the Podcast series co-produced by Nonformality and Youth…

  • Participation revisited

    Youth participation needs to be more than just a phrase and institutional practise has to take research into account, argues Peter Lauritzen.