What’s happening in e-learning?

In the context of the Council of Europe’s seminar “Using E-Learning in Intercultural Non-formal Education” I gave a presentation today [Nov 30, 2011] to (1) briefly introduce approaches to quality standards, benchmarks and criteria in e-learning and to (2) exemplify how e-learning changes learners, learning and learning environments and how this impacts non-formal education. Without a voice-over some aspects of the presentation will likely be hard to follow, but there are many links to sources for further reading in there so it might be useful anyway. Click on the image or this link to download the pdf of the presentation (12 MB).

E-Learning in Intercultural Non-formal Education





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  1. Andreas Karsten Avatar

    Not included in the presentation because it was available to attendees beforehand, but absolutely worthwhile linking to is the 2005 Thematic Dossier on Quality Criteria of the Insight Portal of European Schoolnet, including the illustration below.

    A pdf of the dossier is available at http://insight.eun.org/…/quality_criteria.pdf.

  2. Andreas Karsten Avatar

    Draft common framework for e-learning quality (2005)

    Developed by John Anderson and Robert McCormick – Source (html) // Source (pdf)

  3. Andreas Karsten Avatar

    E-learning Framework by Adam Blake

    Developed by Adam Blake – Source (html)

  4. Bastian Avatar

    VERY awesome, my friend. VERY awesome indeed.

  5. Anna-Maria Avatar

    Ich würde die Präsentation sehr gerne runterladen, aber leider stockt es immer und es kommen korrupte Dateien dabei heraus. Liegt das an meinem blöden chinesischen Internet oder ist die PDF-Datei an sich kaputt?

    Vielen Dank für die Hilfe :)

    1. Andreas Karsten Avatar

      Hallo Anna-Maria, ich versuche gleich, Dir die pdf-Datei per Email zu senden – kaputt ist sie eigentlich nicht :)