Category: Reflections

  • At long last: Real archives

    Check out our new & fancy archives!

  • Education 2015

    Millennium Development Goals: Back to school.

  • See you at the Pole

    September 27 is not only World Tourism Day. It also is the world-wide day for SYATP gatherings.

  • Education at a Glance

    The OECD has released the 2006 edition of their annual “Education at a Glance” series. In the accompanying press release the organisation claims that “low educational attainments continue to penalise people in many OECD countries”: “Education is a gateway to employment and in almost all OECD countries educational attainment levels continue to rise, with many…

  • Adieu, Europe?

    The machinery of the European Union has recovered from the shock of the failed French and Dutch referenda, but not the heart that pumps it, says Aurore Wanlin of the London-based “Centre for European Reform” over at Open Democracy. Read more!

  • Voilà!

    Nonformality goes French indeed…