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» Nonformal webophiles – this is for you!

On May 30 and 31, the Estonian National Agency of the Youth in Action Programme is hosting a networking seminar for people who bring non-formal education and the world wide web together (or are planning to do so) in Tallinn.

It is, we believe, an exciting opportunity to dream about and shape the online future of non-formal education… And we want to keep this invitation as open as possible!

Here is the application form – shorter and sweeter than most, it’s almost enjoyable! After only a few minutes you will be ready to return it to us… Not bad eh?

Internet this way

Here comes some more info…

The people – for who?

You have a website, a portal, a network, a photoblog, a journal, a vlog or any other form of internet-based expression on non-formal education? You are welcome to apply.

You are from a team, a group, a project, a non-governmental organisation, an institu-tion, something in between or even on your own? You are welcome to apply.

As long as you are doing something to bring non-formal education and the world wide web together — or are planning to do so — you really are most welcome at this seminar.

The context — why?

Non-formal education is an exciting way to learn: full of opportunities to be discovered — but not very well recognised at times. The internet is an exciting place to learn, too: full of different opportunities to be discovered — but also quite lonely and confusing at times. Imagine the power unfolding when the two come together!

This networking seminar wants to offer time and space to people, groups, teams, initiatives, projects, and organisations who bring together non-formal education and the world wide web. There is surely something we can learn from each other! And there might be something we could do together, too…

The timing — why now?

In recent weeks and months, more and more websites have emerged about and around non-formal education and learning. It seems to be the right time for bringing them together for an exchange of experience and some dreams about the future!

The aims — what for?

The networking seminar aims to offer space and time

  • to get acquainted with different web-projects and -initiatives about or for (raising awareness on) non-formal education and learning,
  • to discuss the role and potential of these projects and initatives for the recognition and valorisation of non-formal education and learning, and
  • to explore needs, potentials and strategies for co-operation between such initiatives and projects in the future.

The people — who with and by who?

We hope to bring together a variety of different actors — people behind webportals or blogs, networks or vlogs — from projects, groups, individual initiatives, non-governmental organisations, and institutions.

We run and, and our own work has a strong focus in youth work and youth training based on intercultural learning and non-formal education, which is not meant to limit the seminar to that. But to be fair, you can expect the majority of participants to have a background in youth work — be that training, research, policy, community work or a mixture of these.

The seminar is hosted by the Estonian National Agency of the «Youth in Action» Programme of the European Union. While quite a few people invest some work for this seminar to happen, it is coordinated and will be facilitated by these three:

Kristiina Pernits, Andreas Karsten, Marit Kannelmäe

(Kristiina Pernits, Andreas Karsten, Marit Kannelmäe)

The time and place — where and when?

The seminar will take place in Tallinn, Estonia on May 30 and 31, 2008. You are expected to arrive on May 29 and to depart on June 1.

The conditions — which restrictions?

There are only three simple conditions:

  • You are doing something with non-formal education and the internet,
  • You are able and willing to work in English during the seminar,
  • You have time to attend both working days fully.

The financial conditions — who pays?

We are covering board and lodging during your stay in Estonia, as long as you arrive not earlier than May 29 and don’t leave later than June 1. Anything beyond these dates is on your own budget.

Regarding your travel expenses, we kindly ask that you get in touch with your National Agency of the “Youth in Action” programme. They are aware of this seminar, and might be willing to cover your travel. This is subject to negotiation, of course, and you might be asked for a participation fee or to prepare a report on the seminar for the agency.

If you are not from one of the 31 programme countries of the “Youth in Action” pro-gramme, we hope that you will find some clever way of covering your travel expenses. Should you have trouble with that, and think you really should be at this seminar, get in touch by email.

The application — how does it work?

It’s quite simple, really, and pretty normal as well — we have thought of a couple of questions to help us choose from the applications and select a group with a constellation that reflects the variety of approaches and experiences that are around.

We will make the selection of participants at our preparatory meeting in the beginning of April, and let you know before April 15. Should you not be selected, please don’t misinterpret this as a quality judgement of your work — because it isn’t.

Ok, here are our questions — hope to see you soon!

The shortest and sweetest application form ever…


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