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  • The biggest advancement in the year 4,000

    Thinking ahead – 2,000 years at a time.

  • The Learning Revolution

    “Wir fangen schon mal an!”

  • Lights out in 2050?

    Europe energised… What is our future?

  • The future of education

    “The future of learning is ambient, invisible, and non-formal.” Dr. Peter Scott from the Centre for New Media, Knowledge Media Institute at the Open University, UK predicts that “the future will show that formal and informal models of learning will start to combine powerfully into a joint strand which is some way between both; something…

  • It’s not education!

    In an article entitled “The new social discourse”, the German «Spiegel Online» Magazine writes on October 17: The most important resource of the twentyfirst century, politicians say, is education. How fatally wrong: The most important resource, being the most scarcely one, is willpower. In a nutshell, the article argues that transformation and change will happen…