Gastrulation re-lived

It is quite stunning to observe meetings of education professionals. There seems to be a kind of unwritten “law of convenient ignorance” on the basis of which every attendant pushes aside what they know about the successful facilitation of meetings – including myself. It begins with the preparation and the documents produced for that purpose.… Continue reading Gastrulation re-lived

Youth Protests in France

Hundred thousands of young people are protesting against the so-called First Employment Contract (Contrat Première Embauche — CPE) allowing employers to lay off under-26s without explanation within the first two years of a contract. Linking back to what Alana wrote in November 2005, when the riots began in Clichy-sous-Bois, the International Herald Tribune went back… Continue reading Youth Protests in France

Youth Debate is online

A couple of minutes ago Youth Debate went online. Head over there to explore it while it is still fresh and crisp :)

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