Category: Learning

  • Excuse, misuse or abuse?

    Policy makers increasingly talk about disseminating good or best practice. Learning Styles are a clear example of the dissemination of bad practice.

  • German Salto Mortale

    I have been watching German politics closely over this one, and it really seems as if they are about to engage in a flipback to feudalism with what they call ‘the largest reform of federalism’. Isn’t it ironic that feudalism and federalism are so similar? Alas, if nothing unpredictable happens, the linguistic affinity will become…

  • Non-formal anxiety

    Informal, non-formal, formal: as easy as it gets – or out-dated boxes for convenient labelling?

  • how cute

    For a change, formal education is way ahead in using weblogs for educational purposes. Go here or there and be embarrassed.