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In our new map section, you find everything we could find (we are sure there is so much more out there!):

Languages of Europe

from the milky way galaxy to the world upside down, from urban sprawl to Europe by night, from the crusades thousands of years ago to the origins of today’s refugees, from ancient wars to recent conflicts, from Europe in 1190 to Europe in 1815, from major technological accidents to Europe’s climate in 2071, from cultural regions of Europe to the distribution of blond hair on our continent, …

(edit: ahem, author continues to type furiously…)

Climate of Europe in 2071

All in all, we give you more than 150 maps of Europe in 10 categories:

Generic maps of Europe
Europe and the world
Ancient maps of Europe
Old maps of Europe
Language, culture and ethnicity in Europe
Religion in Europe
Emigration, migration and refugees in Europe
Europe and the environment
Funny and weird maps of Europe
Conflicts and wars in Europe

We are looking forward to finding more maps and adding them as we go along, hopefully with all your support as always.

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4 responses to “Maps of Europe”

  1. Justin Avatar

    Hi! These are awesome maps! I especially like the one you did on European languages. I am a collector of paper money from all over the world and I would really appreciate it if you could make maps of the major continents, labeling each country with the currency that they use. Since a lot of European countries are using the Euro now, I would also appreciate it if you would indicate what former currency they were using because I collect pre-euro currency. Please send me an e-mail on your thoughts about this. Thank you very much!

  2. Andreas Karsten Avatar

    Hi Justin, thanks for your comment and the request! I am glad you are appreciating the maps, but just to say — I didn’t do any of them, as much as I would love to be able and capable of doing so. I just looked around, searched, found, categorised and linked to them. So, unfortunately, I can’t do anything about the currency map you were hoping for…

    But then again, maybe someone reads this one day who actually can?

  3. Justin Avatar

    I see. That’s too bad then :( I found this map a few months ago using different currencies as background patterns for the countries. It’s quite small though and it would’ve been nice if the bill designs didn’t repeat. You may be interested in Justine Smith’s work since you talk about Maps of Europe in this article :) Thanks!

  4. Andreas Karsten Avatar

    No map, but lovely nonetheless – the color of money around the world. Via Coudal.