Death by culture?

» May culture be laid to rest forever.


In 2005, a discussion document on intercultural learning was published in follow-up to the Council of Europe’s Directorate of Youth and Sports Long Term Training Course “Intercultural Learning” — LTTC ICL (the paper is available here).

In this document, Dr Gavan Titley argues that, while intercultural learning has become a key work area in European youth training during the last fifteen years, approaches that have been consolidated and widely reproduced during this period are no longer adequate to the realities in which young people live and practice youth work.

At the occasion of the DYS seminar entitled «Intercultural learning – which ways forward?», Gavan was invited to revisit the paper and its main conclusions and bring it in relation to the current educational practice of intercultural learning. Again, we recorded his intervention as a podcast for the world out there.

the distorting lense
…of culture…

Download the podcast below to find out why using culture as a concept is dangerous and often inherently racist, why Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay has an intercultural policy and what this means for intercultural learning in non-formal education (and probably elsewhere, too!).

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Enjoy listening, and stay tuned!

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  1. Andreas Karsten Avatar

    In wonderfully absurd ways related to the question of Gavan – «Why does Camp X-Ray have an intercultural policy?» – is this piece of News from Yahoo, informing us that according to a study concucted by Kwintessential, the military needs intercultural skills.

    Thought so.

    Read the news story here:

    «Military needs intercultural skills»