Tag: non-formal education

  • The future of education

    “The future of learning is ambient, invisible, and non-formal.” Dr. Peter Scott from the Centre for New Media, Knowledge Media Institute at the Open University, UK predicts that “the future will show that formal and informal models of learning will start to combine powerfully into a joint strand which is some way between both; something…

  • What do you teach?

    Over at fabulous infed I stumbled over a text that was first given as an address to the Commission of Professors of Adult Education AAACE at a conference in Milwaukee in November 2006 and has been re-produced as an infed-piece on adult education. Part of the «talking-point» article previously known as the address is a…

  • Catch Up, Keep Up, Get Ahead

    Philip Coombs describes non-formal education – in 1968. Join us for a bumpy ride back to have a look at his views.