Not everything should be black or white

Some things are enormously more difficult than they seem at the beginning. Choosing colours for your living room, for example. For weeks now, we have been trying out dozens of colours – on plywood boards, on the wall, on our hands. We think we have finally settled on colours for two rooms: pea green for our Berliner Zimmer and Carmine for our hallway. Uff.

Other things are enormously more simply than they seem at the beginning. Understanding conflicts in NGOs, for example. For weeks now, I have closely followed extensive exchanges between two bitterly fighting fractions inside Wikimedia Germany. I find it fascinating that the two sides continue debating as if they, and only they, must be completely right, and the other side must be completely wrong. Uff.

Black and white never helps. Here are some of our colour samples (yeah yeah we know).

Just a few of our colour samples