Tomorrow’s web is yours

New Media Summer School

I am currently in Belgrade to facilitate the «New Media Summer School» together with Ivana Davidovska. The New Media Summer School is organised by the European Students’ Forum – AEGEE, the Young European Federalists – JEF, Youth for Exchange and Understanding – YEU and the European Youth Press – EYP.

It precedes the European Dialogue on Internet Governance 2011 Conference, where various stakeholders from governments, civil society and the private sector will try to answer questions such as

  • What should tomorrow’s internet look, feel and be like?
  • Who will decide which content you’ll be able to find online?
  • How can the web strengthen democracy and human rights?

The European Dialogue on Internet Governance was created in 2008 and understands itself as

“an open platform for informal and inclusive discussion and exchange on public policy issues related to internet governance between stakeholders from all over Europe.” (Source)

The New Media Summer School orchestrates the youth input to the European Dialogue and wants to:

  • take stock of the status quo of policies and identify the needs for young people in terms of future policy action in the fields of youth participation, human rights and education related to new media developments
  • explore various ways of youth participation in the online world and how to use them effectively for the benefit of society as a whole
  • identify the specific needs and channels for education through online media for young people
  • bring together young people from various intercultural and social backgrounds to exchange experience, perspectives, roles and needs of participation, human rights and education related to new media
  • weave a multicultural European network of young people with an understanding of human rights, education and participation perspectives on new media empowering young people to actively contribute to new media policies and debates

We will be covering the event extensively here on and on, on Twitter with the hashtags #nmss11 and #eurodig.