Nonformality online

For such a long time thinking and writing did not seem to go with the world wide web, it was depressing.

Technology wasn’t there yet, of course. Only in recent months and years software has evolved enough to survive the missing physical presence of the other. Coming to think about it, this geeky stuff actually almost renumerates, because you can have decent discussions and exchanges with people you have never met and never would. Quite amazing, really.

Good old typewriter

Technology wasn’t the only problem, though — the people weren’t there either, were they? Just remember the resistance of so many, refusing to use the internet… Let alone go beyond consumption to a more pro-active approach. And still today, on this blog and elsewhere, there are some who cannot or would not post their article themselves — they submit their stories and contributions in Word documents, as handwritten scripts, or typed with a good old typewriter.

Writing had to come a long way, too. How do you write for the world wide web — for a virtual audience? The same way one would write for print media? Certainly not. The same way one would talk with their friends? Even less so. Like a book? A radio show script? A cartoon?

It seems though that we live in a priviliged time in which things, at last, come together: The technology exists to allow for a discourse of high quality. People think and increasingly use the internet to share their thoughts and observations. And more and more often they do so in ways which are readable, sometimes even more than that — enjoyable, provoking, thoughtful, inspiring, arguable.

And this is exactly what Nonformality is here for: to provide technology and space for meaningful thinking and constructive discourse on learning.

Come in and enjoy to think, disagree and discuss!